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Will accept whatever court’s ruling will be about Basant: Fayaz Chohan

LAHORE: Punjab Information Minister Fayazul Hassan Chohan on Friday said whatever the high court’s ruling would be regarding celebration of Basant festivity, he would accept it, ARY News reported.

“We had announced for allowing Basant festival celebrations in February next year after complete homework in this regard. Soon after this decision, criticism started pouring in,” he said in response to the Lahore High Court’s issuing notice to the Punjab government over announcement about Basant on a petition challenging to lift the ban on the festival in the province.

Meanwhile, the court has turned down a plea to grant a stay order against the kite-flying festival until the petition is decided.

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Earlier this week, the Punjab government decided to lift the ban on Basant festivity.

The petitioner has pleaded that any festivity at the expense of human lives should not be allowed.

He requested the court to strike down the government’s decision to hold the festival in Punjab.

Basant festival was banned across the province after throats of several motorcyclists and others were cut with kite flyers’ sharp glass and chemical coated strings — or manja as the locals call it. The string is coated with an objective to cut through other kite’s string, however there are many a times inadvertent and lethal consequences.

In 2005, the Supreme Court had also banned the festival over deaths caused by the use of sharp and glass coated strings. Several petitions challenging the ban were dismissed by the court.



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