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Woman burned alive inside car in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: A girl was burned alive inside a vehicle on Thursday as police officials recovered her body from the back seat of a car found on Main Tando Muhammad Khan Road, ARY News reported. 

Police said that the car belonged to the victim named Saira Naseer. Her body was not recognisable and was found from the floor mats in the back seat of the car. The vehicle’s registration documents confirmed that the car no. BEY-272 registered in 2016 belonged to her.

SSP Faqir Muhammad said the victim has been identified. He said that woman belonged to well-off household and was economically independent. He said she was apparently murdered but the motive cannot be ascertained yet.

Edhi Foundation official said the car was burnt between three to four on Thursday morning. He said the body was completely burnt beyond recognition and was sent to the hospital in a gunny sack.

A similar incident happened over a year ago when a tribal jirga in Abottabad allegedly ordered a girl be kept inside a car with her hands tied and burned alive.

The victim named Ambreen had reportedly helped her friend Saima elope to have a freewill marriage. The jirga deemed that she should be burnt alive inside a vehicle . Fifteen people have been arrested but Ambreen’s heirs still await justice for the heinous incident.

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