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VIDEO: US woman buys an iPhone in ‘Black Friday’ sale but gets a nasty shock

NEW YORK: A woman in the US had been left shell-shocked after she thought she was buying an iPhone but returned home to find it something entirely different in the box. And that was a Black Friday sale.

The woman in the video uploaded to LiveLeak, who has not been identified, claimed she pulled over after she saw a truck which was adorned with balloons and had a sign stuck to it which read “Black Friday sale”, reported the Metro UK.

She enquired about the iPhone 6 after she approached the vehicle and saw what other products were inside.

The woman said: “They have everything on the truck you could name: clothes, shoes, purses, watches, DVDs, CDs. Everything… phones, laptops.

“So, I ask the guy about the iPhone 6 and he’s like, ‘ah yeah, today, I give it to you for $130.”

iphone scammed black friday

In the video, the furious victim claimed the man told her the phone was already activated and had a phone bill due next month.

He handed her an iPhone, 6 but the seemingly savvy shopper didn’t buy it immediately – she checked its condition and said there were no scratches and it was working well.

She even asked the scammer to call the device. It rang and everything seemed legitimate – so she handed over the money and he gave her a box in return.

It wasn’t until she got home that she got the infuriating surprise.

She can be heard saying: “The box is heavy, and I get home, AND THIS N***** SOLD ME A BOX OF POTATOES!”

But the $131 AUD didn’t just buy her 11 pieces of potato, the box also contained an android charger.

Poor iPhone buyer, we could only say.

WATCH:Here’s what she found in the original iPhone box

iphone scammed black friday
And there was an android too with the potatoes 🙂
iphone scammed black friday



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