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WATCH: Women have lucky escape after balcony collapses on them

Two women narrowly escaped being crushed by debris after a part of a balcony at an apartment building they were entering suddenly collapsed.

The incident that occurred in Russia’s Izhevsk city was caught on camera.

The footage shows the two women walking up a flight of steps in front of the building. As soon as they reach the door, sheets of slate come crumbling down above them from one of the floors of the high-rise building.

They immediately rush down as the slabs crash inches away from where they were standing a few seconds later.

Watch the video here:

One of the woman seemingly had her ankle hurt as a large piece of slab brushed past her leg as the two hurried down the stairs.

The incident occurred on April 23, just months after a similar accident was witnessed in Vladivostok when a man who was clearing ice from the windscreen of his car in the port city had to scurry after a concrete slab fell from 100 ft from a residential building.

In 2017, a similar crash killed a woman in St Petersburg, Russia.



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