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Women’s wing used to dispose off bodies of the murdered: Uzair Baloch

According to details, Uzair Baloch opened up about how criminal activities in Lyari were carried out. Uzair made shocking revelations when he disclosed that women played an integral part in delivering weapons and extorting money from people. He also revealed that the women’s wing was also tasked with disposing off dead bodies of murdered people.

During the course of his interrogation, Uzair Baloch also gave away the names of the women who were involved in such illegal activities in the city. It remains to be seen when these women will be arrested and brought to trial.

Uzair Baloch, a central figure from Lyari and allegedly a notorious gang leader, was arrested by Rangers personnel earlier this year from the outskirts of Karachi. Rangers personnel confirmed Uzair had been trying to enter the city when he was nabbed. Uzair’s wife and daughter have earlier stated that important and influential PPP leaders such as Faryal Talpur used to visit their house and were on good terms with Baloch.

Former President Asif Ali Zardari, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah and other senior leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party have denied any sort of affiliation with Uzair Baloch and condemned him as a criminal.

Law enforcement personnel have arrested several henchmen and those close to Uzair Baloch in the recent weeks.



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