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WATCH: World’s first transparent pool ‘floating’ in sky  

LONDON: For the first time in the world, the United Kingdom (UK) unveiled a transparent swimming pool suspended 35 meters (115ft) off above the ground in London.  

The ‘floating’ 82-feet long pool is suspended between the 10th floors of two luxury Embassy Gardens apartment blocks in southwest London.

It can hold 50 tonnes of water and also features a rooftop bar and spa with views of the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and the US Embassy.

Since the dazzling aerial view of the pool surfaced online, the pictures are attracting eyeballs. But, it seems to have not gone down well with the netizens as they find it as a ‘nightmare’. As per the reports, only residents of the building and their guests are allowed to use it.

Announcing the launch of the sky pool, Embassy Gardens shared a post on Instagram, mentioning that the structure will be filled with 148,000 litres of water, News 18 reported.


One of the users wrote on Twitter, “Not swimming out over that glass death pool nope nope nope.” Another comment read, “I love heights but some things just aren’t worth it. I’ll stick to in-ground pools.”



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