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You won’t believe how Kapil Sharma looks like now!

MUMBAI: After being AWOL for almost two-and-a-half months Kapil Sharma was spotted at Mumbai Airport and was barely recognizable.

It was reported that the Ace comedian had checked into rehab after his infamous Twitter rant in early April.

No, this is not the picture we are talking about

During an online interaction with fans, Kapil had said that he was trying to change his lifestyle.

Kapil Sharma, who has been in the news for controversies and trouble in his professional and public life, had said he is trying to change his lifestyle and will come back with a new show soon.

Kapil Sharma also shared that he has gained weight, but will work hard to get back into shape.

Here it is…

Hello, friends. Hope all well. Let’s have a chat…till then listen to this Punjabi dance number by my friends Dr. Zeus and Zora Worldwide,” he tweeted late on Thursday.

When one user expressed how much he misses Kapil on TV and how he has been watching his “Comedy Circus” episodes on repeat, Kapil said: “No problem… will start something new soon.”



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