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Young engineer from Peshawar creates electric bike to help curb pollution

PESHAWAR: Young engineer from Peshawar invented environment-friendly electric bike to help reduce air pollution.

According to the details, the electric bike commonly known as e-bike, comes with an electric engine and runs on chargeable batteries. Its batteries take three hours for full charge and in the duration of one charge, the bike can cover a distance of up to 102 kilometres.

It is pertinent to mention here that in one recharge, its batteries consume only one unit of electricity which mean the biker can travel 102 kilometer in just Rs15.

The bike is capable of carrying 250 kilogram weight.

The Peshawar engineer Shahyar said, “I want to transform Peshawar into a city of flowers for which it is necessary to reduce pollution and stop the usage of fuel. That is why I made the electric bike.”

The young engineer claimed that he can invent an electric car as well, if the government provides him financial support.


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