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Young man climbs electric pole after failing to marry girl of his choice

KARACHI: In a peculiar but life-threatening act, a young man climbed an extra high tension (EHT) pole in Karachi in protest against his parents’ not getting him married to the girl he was in love with, ARY News reported.

The jittery drama lasted for four and a half hours in Korangi area. The youth, Shakir threatened to jump off the pole if his demand of getting him married to his sweetheart was not accepted.

The news of the man’s mounting the pole spread like wildfire and a large number of residents of the area gathered around the pole. Rescue force, police, rangers and fire brigade also arrived at the scene. Electricity from the pole was disconnected in the meanwhile.

Shakir threw his jacket with his number to the rescue officials for contact and the latter kept requesting him to get down from the pole but the former kept repeating his demand.

However, through continuous efforts of the rescue officials and the broken-hearted’s sisters, he agreed to get down and was rescued with the help of snorkel.

As soon as he landed down, the crowd rushed towards him, but the police launched baton-charge and dispersed them. After that, police took him in their mobile van to police station for interrogation.



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