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Zaid Ali discloses 10 facts in Good Morning Pakistan!

Zaid Ali, the famous Facebook and YouTube sensation with over 3,000,000 fans and countless views, showed up with his mother on Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan. In Lahore from Canada, Zaid divulged into some interesting facts about his life which we gathered here to share with you. Read on to find out more about your favorite comedian!

1. He’s a one man army!

Infront of a baffled Nida Yasir (and rightly so) Zaid disclsoed the fact that not only does he act in his own videos, he is also responsible for brainstorming for their ideas, penning their scripts and handling the camera as well! Zaid places the camera onto a tripod and begins the shooting!

2. He earns only through YouTube and live shows!

Yes, he makes you laugh for free! Zaid Ali does not get paid for uploading his videos on social networking site Facebook. He however, does get paid for the views he obtains when he uploads them on Youtube. Also, Zaid makes money through live gigs where he delivers inspirational thoughts. An inspirational comedian, who would’ve thought!

3. Zaid Ali is a perfectionist! 

In his candid and entertaining chat with Nida Yasir, Zaid disclosed the fact that he does not compromise on the quality of his videos. So much so that he made his one female co-star shoot a one minute video for four hours, till they got the right take! Move over Aamir Khan, we have a new Mr.Perfectionist!

4. He’s really proud of his culture.

He might make fun of how desi women fight or brown parents react to certain situations, but Zaid is extremely fond of his culture. As his mother revealed on the show, Zaid’s favorite food is the mouth savoring biryani. He also likes to partake in all cultural as well as festive desi occasions such as Eid.

5. He’s had encounters with crazy female fans!

Amassing more than 3,000,000 fans on Facebook will also attract female attention, won’t it? Zaid revealed a couple of funny anecdotes of how he met some females at various locations. Once, a female fan said she loved him and hugged him forcefully till he repeated the same words! Poor Zaid had to retort the same before he was released from the girl’s hug. Also, at another location, upon seeing him a female cried her eyes out!

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6. How he views his own videos…….

Apparently, Zaid loves his own videos more than his fans do! In response to Nida Yasir’s query, Zaid stated that he laughed himself silly even more than his fans and admired him humor himself!

7. He seeks his mother’s opinions!

How much Zaid Ali irritates his mother in his… by arydigitalofficial

Apparently, Zaid values his mother’s opinions a lot. As soon as he’s done filming his videos, his mother is the one who sees them. Zaid also revealed that when she likes a video, she terms it as ‘good’. When it doesn’t live up to its expectations, all she says is ‘medium’.

8. His father once caught him in the act! 

Whilst Zaid was draped in a dupatta over his head like a desi girl and busy in his antics in front of the camera, his father entered the room with another person. Soon as his father saw Zaid in his cross dressed state, he remarked, “I always knew my son was a transgender.”

Obviously the audience roared with laughter at this funny revelation.

9. He’s currently a student.

That too at Toronto’s prestigious University of Waterloo. Zaid is currently pursuing a business degree and also stated that it was his backup plan just in case his comic act does not pay off in the long run!

10. His very first videos contained graphic content!

In his own words, Zaid’s first videos contained vulgar and profane language. Although they also garnered an impressive 30,000 views, the lad wasn’t content with them. Hence, after sometime he deleted those videos and turned to filming content that was watchable by families. Very soon, his fan following swelled to way beyond 30,000! Good going Zaid!


Watch the full episode of today’s morning show here.

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