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Zainab used to dutifully attend Salam after every Friday prayers, remembers father

“After every Friday prayers, when we used to recite Salam on Holy Prophet (PBUH), Zainab would find me in the mosque, everyone in the mosque knows Zainab used to dutifully recite the salam in the mosque but today there was no Zainab……” Zainab’s father who couldn’t hold his tears told ARY News on Friday.

The man who lost his minor girl and found it after a week from a rubbish dump, said he thinks that police and the District Police Officer (DPO) Kasur are to blame for Zainab’s murder as they did not take timely action despite the fact that relatives provided proofs against the criminal.

“We gave them two videos from CCTV cameras, the one in which he is taking Zainab to some unknown place and the other in which he is coming back from the place. They took the clips and did nothing about it… one can assume that they threw them into the trash can. They should have cordoned off that area, they should have ordered plain clothed policemen to roam the area, if I, as a layman can understand all this, how can they forget to take such measures?” asked Zainab’s father Ameen Ansari during ARY News’ ‘Sar-e-Aam’ show.

Justice For Zainab: 7-year-old’s rape, murder shakes Pakistan

Ameen Ansari lamented that police just lacked will and the intention to arrest the criminal behind these killings.

“If they had the will to arrest the criminal, my Zainab would have been alive and the criminal would have been caught but they (police) just lack humanity, they have forgotten that their children too live here,” lamented Ameen Ansari.

Police release another footage of ‘suspect’ in Zainab murder, rape case

He added that he himself is the witness to police’s criminal negligence in the case and they too should be held accountable.

Ameen Ansari again vowed to continue his protest until justice is delivered and concluded that he prays to God that, for Zainab’s sake, Pakistan gets such a system that no other parent had to mourn their Zainab.


Zainab’s brutal rape and murder was not the first case in Kasur, 11 girls were kidnapped, abused and killed in the very same way before with police failing to nab the criminals behind the incidents. Police say a single person’s DNA has been traced in six cases of sexual assault.

One of the victims Noor Fatima’s father Mustafa too spoke to Sar-e-Aam and narrated his ordeal (VIDEO ABOVE- SECOND VIDEO IN THE POST).

Mustafa said that his daughter just went to buy some milk but didn’t return, her wife telephoned him to inform him about her disappearance upon which he reached the milkshop but the shopkeeper said the girl went after buying milk.

“I looked for her everywhere, unable to find her I telephoned police, as we found her body in a house nearby, police didn’t let me touch my daughter and I was only able to see her in the morning with police saying I should arrange a funeral for her but I insisted that I should get justice otherwise I will not buyr my daughter,” said Mustafa.

He added that police promised to arrest the culprit in 48 hours so he buried his daughter but then none from the police contacted him.

“Nobody even asked me how I was doing… just because I am a poor man… this Zainab girl too was like my daughter and such incidents occur with girls from poor families and none gets justice,” said Mustafa with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Iman Fatima’s father said rulers come to them only when they need votes but none answers their calls for justice after polls.


Zainab was seen being led away by a similar man on January 4, when she was on her way to attend Quran classes at her aunt’s home.

Kidnapped on January 4 and found from a garbage heap on January 9, Zainab’s autopsy report suggested that the minor was sexually assaulted before being strangulated to death.

Justice For Zainab: 7-year-old’s rape, murder shakes Pakistan

The girl’s rape and murder sparked outrage among the residents of the city and whole of Pakistan with social activists and general public starting a trend #JusticeForZainab on social media.

Zainab’s parents were performing Umrah when the incident occurred, as they landed back in Pakistan, they demanded justice from Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff (COAS)

During the hearing in the case in Lahore High Court yesterday, IG Punjab Arif Nawaz told the court that 11 minor girls had been abducted, raped and killed during the last two years. The police investigated 227 suspects and conducted DNA tests of 67 suspects and only one person’s DNA had been traced in six cases of sexual assault.

The CJ ordered the IGP to deploy all available police resources to arrest the suspect in the next 36 hours, and adjourned hearing till Jan 15.



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