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Zulfi Bukhari vows to boost tourism in country

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to prime minister, Zulfi Bukhari on Thursday said that Pakistan was full of breathtaking locations and vowed to boost tourism in the country.

Talking to journalists, Zulfi Bukhari underscored the need for providing best faculties to tourists and  added that Pakistan was one of world’s best travel destination. He said that some countries were generating 10 per cent of their GDP from tourism sector.

Zulfi Bukhari said that they were in contact with Microsoft and hoped that a huge investment would be made in the technology sector. He further said that the government was working on reforms in civil service.

Bukhari criticized the former governments over avoiding human development and added that they should have focused on humans instead of construction bridges. He said that unemployment was a major issue in the country.

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Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan, on April 3, had said Pakistan offered best tourism attractions in the world ranging from scenic beaches, enchanting mountains, and beautiful deserts.

“Pakistan has virgin coastal belt in Balochistan, but it is unfortunate that our elite prefers to visit Europe and western countries instead of exploring our own tourist spots,” PM Imran Khan had said while addressing a tourism summit in Islamabad.

The prime minister had said Allah had bestowed us with diverse kinds of mountain scenery from Suleman, Karakoram and Himalaya heights.



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