Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Blogger fakes a trip to Disneyland and dupes her 200,000 Instagram followers – Here’s why


It’s true that you can never blindly bank on anything circulating on the social media. To prove this notion, a travel blogger from the United Kingdom duped her almost 200,000 followers on Instagram by faking a whole trip to Disneyland.

In her blog, Carolyn Stritch decided to experiment and faked her whole birthday trip to Disneyland on Instagram she posted this photo of herself posing in front of the sleeping beauty castle with not a single person captured in the shot and people believed it!


The post got 18,573 likes since it was posted on March 12.

In her blog she posted: “I’m finishing up the second year of a degree in photography. The degree teaches that above all else we should question everything, especially our own work.I decided to bring that idea home and question the work I do on Instagram.I came up with a story: my FaceApped perfect self, who’s ten years younger than I am, flies off to Disneyland for the day, and somehow manages to photograph herself all alone in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.I manipulated images, captioned them with a fictional narrative, and presented them as real-life.”

Instagram is not for the bad bits of your life but is an escape from reality to a virtual world where all is prim, proper and perfect.

“I take a selfie: bed hair, no makeup. I tap “Impression” and my face changes quickly and dramatically: fine lines flatten, wrinkles smooth out, blemishes unblemish, dark circles disappear, cheekbones rise, eyes brighten, lips get bigger, the nose gets smaller.”

The app takes off 10 years of a person’s age and allows them to post as a 22 something going on adventures filled a perfectly made-up face. No efforts required to look flawless.

“Nobody wants to see me in my pajamas, with my explosive morning hair, hunched over my laptop on the sofa. That’s how I spend most of my days. You want to see my books, my windows, my travel photography, same as I want to see the best bits of your daily lives.” said Stritch


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