Sunday, September 19, 2021

#Faryaad: Details of Murad’s heinous crime of selling his son are now on TV!


Viewers of ARY Digital’s popular drama ‘Faryaad’ finally heaved a sigh of relief as Mahnoor finally got her son back and her husband Murad’s crime of selling the little soul was uncovered, thanks to Haroon who got the news covered by TV.

Murad (played by Zahid Ahmed) not only deceived his wife Mahnoor (played by Aiza Awan) but the man who took legal custody of child and also paid him five million rupees.

The drama took a drastic turn in today’s episode as Haroon (played by Adeel Chaudhry), after his frantic efforts to find Mahnoor’s child and the culprit Murad, finally chooses to take media’s help in this regard and gets the news covered on electronic media.

As soon as the news is aired on TV, police reaches Seth Raheem’s residence and learns that the man took all legal measures before taking Mannan’s custody and that the documents were also signed by the complainant i.e. Mahnoor.

Seth Raheem, as a responsible citizen, returns the child to Mahnoor but also promises to take legal action against Murad for robbing him of five million rupees.

Murad, who sold his mother’s house and is now using his second wife Anum’s house as a hideout with his sister and mother, learns about the whole episode through TV and is now planning his next move.

His mother Nuzhat (played brilliantly by Gul-e-Rana), on the other hand, has sensed that her son now may leave her too now that he is in danger of getting arrested for this heinous crime. 

The teaser of the drama’s 50th episode shows how Murad’s final victim, Anum (played by Nawal Saeed), also gets to know that it was he who kidnapped her son with the help of his friends and the ugly reality of Nuzhat’s upbringing as her daughter, Shehzadi (played by Amna Malik), reveals she was about to burn Mahnoor.

Faryaad airs on ARY Digital, from Friday to Sunday, at 7 PM.


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