Sunday, May 22, 2022

WATCH: This is how a father built wooden Lamborghini for his son


Expressing love for his son, a father built an electric, kid-sized and fully functional wooden Lamborghini for him as video and a photo posted by him on social media garnered praise from netizens.

Truong Van Dao, a woodworker by profession, designed a wooden electric Lamborghini Sian Roaster, fully capable of hitting the streets as a toy for his son.

This ultra-cool Lamborghini is made of oak wood from discarded trees and Truong used tools like chainsaws and chisels to craft the bodywork.

Replicating the sleek look of a Lamborghini, the mini sports car also has a small electric motor that enables it to reach 25km/h along with a colorful speedometer screen display, LED lights, and even scissor doors.

Notably, it took Truong 65 days to complete his project before he took it for a ride with his son. He also shared a video of him showing how the entire vehicle was prepared.

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Viewers were amazed to see his talent and one user wrote, ”That’s is absolutely amazing. The detail and the craftsmanship are next levels.” Some of them also praised the love of a father for his son that enabled him to build the vehicle.


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