Sunday, September 19, 2021

Feminism is caring for and respecting my husband: Sadaf Kanwal


Sadaf Kanwal believes that it’s a wife’s job to care for her husband’s needs regardless of him caring for her or not. She also thinks feminism is nothing more than a result of ‘liberals’ taking over.

Sadaf and husband Shehroze Sabzwari sat down on the ARY News show Hamare Mehman over Eid, talking about everything from Shehroze’s second marriage to Sadaf Kanwal, his relationship with his daughter Nooreh, and Sadaf’s thoughts on feminism.


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When asked what she thinks feminism is and whether she believes women are oppressed in our culture, Sadaf said, “Women are not oppressed at all, in fact, they are very strong. I believe I am very strong, and I think you must be strong too.”

She went on to that that women are not bechari (helpless) and that talking about the Aurat March in the country is a “different debate.”

“What is our culture? I have a husband, I have married him, I will pick his shoes up, I will iron his clothes…  I don’t do that often, but I know where clothes are. I know where his things are, I know what he wants to eat and when… I should know all this because I am his wife,” she added.

Perhaps in a more passionate manner, Sadaf Kanwal further explained her rather fickle stance saying, “Because I am a woman… Sherry (Shehroze) shouldn’t know that much about me but I should know about him… I believe this because this is what I grew up watching.”


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“This feminism that has come about, I think it’s just these liberals. Aaj kal ye buhat liberals agye hain (These days, a lot of these liberals have come about).”

According to Sadaf Kanwal, “Feminism is me caring about my husband, respecting him, and do whatever is in my power for him… That’s what I’ve been taught.”

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