Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Feroze Khan would like to work with ‘talented’ Saba Qamar


Feroze Khan, in a recent Twitter session with fans, has expressed that he wouldn’t mind working with the powerhouse of talent that is Saba Qamar.

The Ishqiya star took time out to answer some fan’s questions on his official Twitter account and among the tweets he responded to, one stood out for people who eagerly wait for his projects. “You should play a role opposite to Saba Qamar! It would be the deadliest and most perfect pair up ever!” said a fan.

They went on to add, “You both are phenomenal actors and it’d be like nothing ever made before! Such passion and emotions in one frame!”

Responding to this, Feroze said, “I am sure is gonna be a good one to act and learn with. She is talented.”

The response was met with approval from the user who tweeted back, “I hope someone will cast you two together, soon and it will be a unique or unusual script!”


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Do you think it’s time for Feroze and Saba to pair up on-screen? We definitely think so!

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