Sunday, August 14, 2022

Five drown in Indus river near Thatta


THATTA: Five people drowned in Indus river near Ghorabari in district Thatta, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The incident has been reported at Goth Ismail Jatt in coastal area of Dandari.

“Three women and two children were drowned in Indus waters in a incident near Ghorabari town,” local police said.

All of the victims were drowned while trying to save a falling child in the river, police officials said.

The police said that the women were washing clothes on the riverside when a child slipped into the river. The women dived in the water to save the child but none of them survived.

The women belonged to the same family, local officials said.

The local people retrieved four dead bodies, three women and a child, from the river, police said.

The divers are still searching for an un-traced child, officials added.

In February, two brothers drowned in a river in Bolan, Balochistan.

Rescue workers relayed the two brothers, who hailed from Quetta, drowned in the river while taking bath.

Upon being informed of the incident, trained divers arrived at the scene and fished out their bodies.


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