Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fiza Ali’s daughter dresses like fairy tale character, video goes viral


Actor Fiza Ali shared a video of her daughter Faraal dressed as the iconic Disney character Maleficent and the post went viral.

She took to picture and video-sharing social media application Instagram to update the fans about her daughter’s Halloween costume.

The clip sees a time span of Faraal getting her makeup done. The footage then shows the child, wearing the costume, walking with the character’s signature cane.


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Maleficent is a Disney character that appeared in the children’s story “Sleeping Beauty”.

In the story, the character comes to the christening of Princess Aurora at King Stefan and Queen Leah’s castle.

Maleficent is first unhappy about not being invited to the ceremony. She gets even more angry with a fairy who tells her that she was unwanted.

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Queen Leah asks Maleficent if she was angry to which she said that she wanted to bestow a gift in order to hide her anger. She hides her displeasure of not being invited to the event but tells her that she has cursed her daughter. She tells him that her daughter will be pretty and loved till she is 16 years old but will get her finger prick and die eventually.

The Disney character had two spin-off movies named “Maleficent” and “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” which sees the stories told from her perspective.

Angeline Jolie portrayed the characters in both flicks, which received positive reviews.


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