Friday, August 12, 2022

Viral video: Flight attendant celebrates after anti-mask couple removed from plane


A video went viral on social media platforms that showed a flight attendant and passengers celebrate the removal of an anti-mask couple from the plane.

The video was initially shared on TikTik and YouTube by a man named Brendon Elder which showed an airline employee was asking a passenger to put on the face mask.

In the video, an airline employee can be seen talking to a woman who is arguing that she followed requests to put her face mask on when told to, to help protect from the spread of coronavirus.

While the alleged anti-mask woman and the airline worker were engaged in arguments, the passengers started yelling and asking the couple to get off the plane. Later, the couple disembarked the plane.

After their departure, the passengers applauded and cheered while one of the flight attendants started dancing.

The airlines are implementing strict rules amid coronavirus pandemic and those not complying with it have been asked to get off the flights.


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