Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Floodwater poses drowning threat to Dadu, other cities


DADU: Floodwater in Main Nara Valley (MNV) Drain has surged to pose threat to Dadu and other cities and towns in district, ARY News reported on Monday.

The water flowing over the link bridge of Phulji, the people of the town have been advised to evacuate their families to safer place.

An upsurge in the floodwater posing serious threat of flooding in Dadu, Mehar and Juhi, sources said. The water exerting pressure over ring dykes of Mehar and Johi with serious threat of drowning of Johi town, sources said.

In view of the serious situation SHO Johi police has appealed the people to come out of the hotels immediately to join hands to save the city from flooding. “I will be forced to close hotels if you people do not reach to the city’s ring embankment,” he warned to people.

It is to be mentioned here that floodwater exerting pressure over the embankment.

A breach administered at Bagh-e-Yousuf point in Manchhar Lake on Sunday to release the pressure of water and avoid drowning of Dadu and shrine city of Sehwan, failed to give the result expected by the irrigation authorities.

The officials are mulling over two more cuts in the lake to release pressure of water and save major urban centres in the area from drowning.

Floodwater still exerting pressure at ring dykes of Johi, Mehar and Dadu cities.


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