Meet Forbes-featured Eesha Sheikh who has ‘gamified’ solutions to health challenges

Meet Pakistani entrepreneur Eesha Sheikh who has featured twice in the prestigious Forbes Magazine in the course of her health-tech jounrey, being the founder and CEO of Play Pal Inc. platform.

The platform with its revolutionary pitch, ‘gamifying health targets’ has raked in about $2 million in seed money from the Silicon Valley and has ever since been put to good use AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies so people, each one of the users, have their tailored health/fitness expert in a single application that tells them from what to eat and when to sleep, to how to keep vitals in check.

Eesha says her life was fraught with bullying stemming from people’s urge to put her down based on how she was an ‘ugly’ child with a diagnosed clinical obesity: a condition she says that was to become the gateway for many illnesses that run rampant in her family.

Her only ray of hope was how her father motivated her. He challenged me to lose weight to earn toys and treats, Sheikh says. “This was the best deal for me and I took to it.”

Her transformation soon transpired and for good. And not only limited to her looks. She became the person she is now by believing in her struggles. Albeit, when she has had the chance, she thought it right to not decide a miseries and turbulence for other, but exactly the opposite.

She chose, she says, to develop an app that would integrate all the technology at human disposal and turn the recipe into her brainchild Play Pal Inc.

The app is a one-stop shop and that features myriad of games to play which you’ll have to be on your toes. Health and fun hand in hand. That’s how Sheikh puts it and that’s what big monies with big brains at the Silicon Valley believed.

The times to come will tell whether she and her much-talked about platform PlayPal Inc. deliver on the the promises and sustain the recognition they have mustered but for now we know she has made country prouder and has paved way for more women to come forward and go on breaking glass ceilings.

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