Freedom & dissent: Constitutional rights with terms & conditions?

The state, in any democratic setup, has powers it can administer only insofar as the rights and freedom of the rest of the citizenry and the peace are at risk of being violated, and there’s a chance of vandalism; but use of brute force otherwise on protesting masses is plain draconian: unequivocally agree legal experts as ARY conducted a survey on fundamental human rights in Pakistan.

“Police must respect the right to freedom of assembly as it is a constitutional right,” said senior law teacher and lawyer Abira Ashfaq, adding that the law enforcers have the right to impose restrictions when and where needed.

However, Ashfaq made it a point to lay out, “Absolutely no police brutality allowed in cases of reasonable and peaceful protest.”

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Others legal experts: Rida Tahir of Legal Aid Project, and Zubair Ahmed Abro, senior advocate Sindh High Court, also weighed in on the subject. One such contribution was from Tauseef Ahmed Khan, a lecturer, author and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan council member in Karachi.

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