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Golden monolith appears in Colombia after more towers popped up around the world


A gold monolith has appeared in the municipality of Colombia’s Chia as the mystery of similar structure continues around the world after the discovery of four more metal and silver towers in California, Romania, and the Isle of Wight.

The latest appearance of another mysterious golden monolith was followed the first discovery made in the desert in the US state of Utah at the end of November.

The golden monolith was found in the municipality of Chia in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca over the weekend while another monolith was discovered at Compton Beach in the Isle of Wight, Dailymail UK reported.

golden monolith colombia california romania isle of wight

The other four monoliths were all metal and silver in colour except the golden one appeared in the municipality of Chia in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca over the weekend.

The discovery prompted locals wondering if it could be the ‘master monolith’ while many speculating that it was placed there by extraterrestrials.

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Another monolith was discovered at Compton Beach in the Isle of Wight. The monolith was found by beachgoers at Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight yesterday.

Several photos taken from different angles suggest the monolith is buried in the sand and gives and perfect reflection. It is unclear how the heavy object was moved to the beach, which is only accessible by footpath.

Isle of Wigh

A silver monolith has appeared in the Netherlands’ Kiekenberg nature reserve near Oudehorne which was first spotted by walkers on Sunday morning.

There was no trace of any footprints round the base of the structure or any other clues as to how it got there, according to local media reports.

silver monolith

A community called ‘The Most Famous Artist’ founded by American artist Matty Mo has since claimed credit and reportedly selling selling three full-sized monoliths similar to the ones found in different parts of the world for a price tag of USD 45,000 (GBP 33,413) each.

When Mo was asked if the group was claiming responsibility for the monolith discovered in the Isle of Wight over the weekend, he responded: ‘The monolith is out of my control at this point. Godspeed to all the aliens working hard around the globe to propagate the myth.’

Elsewhere, tourists were flocking to the new metal monolith in California, after it showed up within days of others in Romania and Utah being removed.

The Most Famous Artist

On Tuesday, images emerged of four men working in the dead of night to remove the strange, triangular pillar from the desert in Utah.

The shiny pillar, which protruded some 12 feet from the red rocks of southern Utah, was first spotted on November 18 by baffled local officials counting bighorn sheep from the air.

colombia chia

Photographer Ross Bernards, who visited the monolith Friday, described in an Instagram post accompanying the photos how four men suddenly appeared that night, pushed the object over and dismantled it before carrying it off in a wheelbarrow.

‘One of them looked back at us all and said “Leave no trace.” That was at 8:48,’ wrote Bernards.


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