Monday, January 17, 2022

Google Maps: Knife-weilding clown spotted next to blood-soaked door


A knife-wielding clown standing next to a blood-soaked door was spotted on Google Maps’ street view, raising questions regarding its authenticity.

According to details, the clown, who has not yet been identified, was pictured on Google Maps’ street-view peering out the door of a basement apartment in Montreal, Canada.

It remains unclear whether it was a prank to amuse map searchers planned as the car with a panoramic camera passed by the city, or whether the car happened to pass by during the middle of a Halloween party.

According to the New York Post Cars throughout the world travel down streets and take panoramic views for Google’s street view feature, which first launched in 2007 in several US cities and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide.

But the frightening neighbourhood clown is not the first time something creepy was spotted on the Google Maps feature.

Previously, a ‘heist’ appears to have been caught in action on Google Maps – but on closer inspection is one prankster immortalised ‘holding up’ another with a glue gun.

The unusual scene was caught in the city of Roosendaal in the Netherlands.

A photo on Google Maps, that showed a man in a black dress holding a gun to another leaning against a vehicle, sparked a debate and raised questions on gun violence.

But the so-called ‘heist’ on Google Maps has turned out to be a prank that was pulled by two friends with a glue gun.


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