Monday, August 8, 2022

Govt to form authority to regulate ‘Bhang’ production


Islamabad: Ministry of Science and Technology has decided to form an authority to regulate and facilitate the farming and usage of marijuana (Bhang), ARY News reported. 

According to details, the authority would issues licences to producers and farmers to produce marijuana (Bhang) for medical and industrial usage. The license for marijuana (Bhang) production would be viable for 15 years.

The authority would issue five different kinds of licences including an industrial, medical, processing, research and development license. The special permit for the export of marijuana would be issued by the Department of Commerce.

The Science and Technology ministry would forward the policy to the cabinet for approval.

Earlier in Dec 2021, the PTI government’s Ministry of Science and Technology formulated Pakistan’s first hemp policy for the cultivation of Bhang for medicinal and industrial use.

Under the National Hemp Policy that has been forwarded to the federal cabinet for approval, the regulatory authority will be set up with a one-window operation to facilitate investors.

Science and Technology Minister Shibli Faraz said that the government had been receiving uncountable applications for the cultivation of hemp leaves. In the first phase, he added that 100 firms were given licences for the purpose.

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He said the hemp policy has been formulated in consultation with all the stakeholders, including the education, commerce and anti-narcotics ministries.


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