Saturday, February 4, 2023

Govt urged to release vegetable containers stuck at Karachi port


KARACHI: Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Associations Tuesday urged the government to release the vegetable containers stuck at the Karachi port, ARY News reported.

Containers loaded with onions and garlic are stuck at the Karachi port as the commercial banks have refused to provide clearing documents to the importers.

The worth of stuck vegetables is said to be $5.5 million. The association has said delay in clearance of the vegetable containers will ultimately result in a price hike in the market.

The government has been urged by the Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Association to ensure immediate clearance of the imported onion and garlic.

Earlier on Monday, it emerged that the incumbent government has linked imports related to defence with the finance ministry’s nod.

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Sources said that the finance ministry revised its guidelines for defence imports in light of the depleting foreign exchange reserves. They added that it would be mandatory to seek the permission of the finance ministry’s external finance wing before opening a letter of credit (LC) for imports against the regular defence budget.

The unprecedented move in the country’s history has been taken by the government due to deterioration in the external sector amid a constant fall in exports and foreign exchange reserves.


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