Sunday, September 19, 2021

Energy minister phones Iran’s diplomat over Makran power crisis


ISLAMABAD: Federal energy minister Hammad Azhar has Thursday telephoned the Iranian diplomat to discuss the power supply crisis in Balochistan areas that are contiguous with and power-dependent on Iran, ARY News reported.

Hammad Azhar has said these areas facing the power outage are not reliant on the national grid but they get their electricity share from the Iranian grid.

We have raised the issue with the neighbour government and have called on them to resolve the matter shortly. He added that the resolution to this problem is sought with Iran but all the while efforts are being put in to connect these areas to the national grid.

The realization of the plan requires laying the cable network across hundreds of miles which may be completed by two years, he said.

This development was tweeted today by the official handle of the federal power ministry Hammad Azhar.

Power outages in Makran region owing to short supply from Iran

Earleir today Hammad Azhar acknowledged the coastal areas of Balochistan are facing power load-shedding owing to a shortage of electricity in Iran.

Hammad Azhar said that Gwadar, Turbat and other parts of Makran region facing power outages as they are not linked with the national electric grid. These areas depend on the import of electricity from Iran, he said.

“The government has raised the matter with Iran and requested them to ensure power supply to the routine level,” the energy minister Hammad Azhar said.

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