Monday, May 23, 2022

We must own our skin tones: Hania Aamir addresses colorism


Hania Amir is the latest celebrity to share her views about the widespread colorism in our society, urging people to ‘own themselves’. 

The dimpled actor took to social media recently to share an instance when a friend of hers suggested that she needed to get a ‘tan’.

Gori hai tou chitti hai, dark complexion hai you gori kyu nahi hojati? (If she’s fair, it’s too fair, and if she has a dark complexion, why doesn’t she lighten it?),” remarked Aamir, mocking the general society’s viewpoint about natural skin tones.

“I think it’s high time that we start having these conversations,” she went on, adding, “When will we stop being insecure about the way we look? We need to own ourselves, we need to own our skin tones.”

Hania Amir also touched upon how girls feel pressured to wear two-tones darker or lighter foundation while using makeup to conform to ‘beauty standards’. “Buhat burey beauty standards hain (These beauty standards are really wrong) and we don’t need to follow them,” she said.

The 24-year-old further highlighted that we have the responsibility to shape the generations to come, saying, “If we talk about this more and eradicate this mindset this now then the generations to come won’t have to go through what we go through.”

Amir closed her monologue with some inspiring and much-needed words of wisdom: “Let’s realize that we don’t need to fit in and that the world needs to fit us as we are.”

Earlier in 2019, the young star had opened up about her struggle with mild acne, inspiring other female stars like Mehwish Hayat to open up about their own struggles with skin issues. “Flawsome is awesome. Away from the studio lights, the cameras & the glamorous make-up, We all battle with the same skin problems & insecurities as any other girl,” Hayat had tweeted.


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