Saturday, June 25, 2022

Heard’s sister shows bruises by her after Depp’s ‘punching bag’ claims


Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez shows visible bruises on her face and body after being abused by the former.

A throwback video emerged on the internet recently in which ‘Aquaman’ star’s younger sibling Whitney Henriquez can be seen showing her sister’s abuse to her friends, after testifying falsely in the court earlier.

The last-minute emerged clip in the libel case sees “Ms. Henriquez gathered with her friends around a poolside, asking whether her sister had beaten her up and looking at apparent bruises on her face and chest.”

Whitney Henriquez was then accused of lying under oath, falsely denying that the elder sibling had ever hit her so as ‘to bolster her sister’s claim she was not violent and was the victim’ in her marriage to Johnny Depp.

It is pertinent to mention that Johnny Depp in his testimony last week claimed that Heard treats her own sister ‘like a punching bag’. “She [Amber] would have wine thrown in her [Whitney] face,” Depp told the court. “Whitney was trying to please her sister. Trying to be up to snuff.”

“I’ve certainly seen Miss Heard grab Whitney, push her around,” he added.

For the uninitiated, former Hollywood couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are suing each other for defamation, each claiming they were abused before and during their roughly two-year marriage.

The closing arguments for the blockbuster trial are anticipated on May 27.


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