Sunday, February 5, 2023

Here’s what Mathira thinks of a successful marriage


Actor and model Mathira Mohammad believes that a woman becomes a mental slave if she hopes that the behaviour of her abusive husband improves.

She was speaking about her married life in the ARY News program Hamare Mehman hosted by Fiza Shoaib.

“Hoping for an abusive husband to improve his behaviour is like being a mental slave,” she said in the show. “He will never stop hitting once he raises his hands on his wife.”

The actor mentioned that she tried working 10 times as hard as an average housewife but still could not dispel the labels given to her for how ‘bold’ she was.

She added that the man and woman both have to work together for a successful marriage.
“It will not work if a woman keeps giving sacrifices all the time,” the celebrity mentioned.

She said that a successful marriage requires a couple to trust and care for each other.


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Mathira Mohammad had tied the knot with singer Farran Mirza back in 2012 and they were blessed with a boy named Aahil Rizvi in 2014. Their marriage ended in 2018.

Earlier, the celebrity had claimed that she received threats from a social media user.


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