Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hira Mani says she wants to project her real life through Instagram


Actress Hira Mani who won hearts with her stellar performance in Do Bol doesn’t want her Instagram to look like a portfolio but rather reflect who she is in real life. 

She shared in an interview with BBC Asian Network that her Instagram following has increased from 0.6 million to 2 million within a span of six months. She said she doesn’t want it to look like a typical portfolio but rather realistic, that’s why she posts crazy pictures on it even.

The actress spoke about the insurmountable love she has received from her fans and said that “My success has made me even more humble and grounded.”

The starlet revealed that she refused a morning show nine years back although she shot the promo because her son was hardly 20 days old and she decided to prioritize family over work. When her children reached a certain age, she decided to venture into the entertainment industry.

Speaking about her hit drama Do Bol in which she starred opposite Affan Waheed, she said “It was a life changing experience. It gave me the due recognition and made everyone notice that I am a good actress.”

Mani said that due to similar work ethic, Waheed and her chemistry turned out great and the couple became fans favourite.

On whether after a successful drama, she feels the pressure of finding good scripts, she said “I don’t feel that pressure. It’s not necessary that every project is successful, the next one could be a hit or miss.”

The Bandish actress said that she had to do a few supporting roles before the industry realised she is a heroine material and offered her lead roles.


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