Meet Pakistan’s first environment friendly doll Fizza

The Global Climate Risk Index has ranked Pakistan as the eighth-highest country affected by climate change. The country is at risk to climate disasters that could threaten thousands of lives and billions of dollars in the agricultural sector, infrastructure, and economy.

The young social entrepreneur Emaan is creating awareness among youth about climate change by using the method of story-telling. She has made an eco friendly doll Fizza which is 100 % plastic free.

The idea of making an eco friendly doll came to Emaan’s mind when she was just 7 years old. She went to Swat on a family trip where she saw a dead hermit crab near Mahodand lake stuck inside a plastic doll’s head.

Emaan has also started an online project named as Emaanz Peekaboo where the doll will come with changeable clothes and a storybook, with stories written and illustrated by children aged between 8 and 15. It will have various super heroes, who help Fizza protect the environment, fight global warming and the menacing effects of climate change that are causing death, disease and destruction.

Emaan also delivers climate talks at school, colleges and universities as well. Emaan has spoken at many corporate seminars as well including HEEDS, lahooti Melo, Climathon, Ted talks and many more.