Friday, October 7, 2022

WATCH: Huge python slithers into truck’s fuel tank


BANGKOK: In a shocking incident, a huge two-metre python was spotted inside a fuel tank of a truck in Thailand’s Khlong Yang.

According to the details, Thai farmer, Sangwan Rachawong, parked his pickup truck near a bush while he went to water his sugarcane field in Khlong Yang sub-district.


When the farmer returned, he saw a huge python near the vehicle’s engine. He opened the truck’s bonnet to remove the reptile but it went deeper inside the vehicle, Line Today reported.

When the python disappeared, the former got worried and called for help. As the authorities came, they noticed the reptile’s head inside the fuel tank but the opening was too small to rescue it.

In a video that went viral on social medial, the rescuers can be seen carefully holding the mouth of the reptile while pulling it out from the small opening.

Later, the reptile was released into the jungle.


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