Sunday, November 27, 2022

I will hand over dam fund to secure hands before I leave, says chief justice


LONDON: Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, has said the dam fund is property of the public, “and I will make sure to hand it over to secure hands before I leave,” ARY News reported on Monday.

Addressing a dam fundraising gathering in London on Sunday night, the CJP said no dam was built for 40 years, “doesn’t it come under the criminal negligence,” he asked.

“If people allow, we can re-impose withholding tax on prepaid mobile cards and the amount generated through collection would be deposited to the dam fund,” he suggested.

He was of the view that fundraising for dams had become a movement across Pakistan. The CJP said Sikhs from India alone donated 50 thousand dollars for construction of dams in Pakistan.

Heaping praise on Pakistanis living abroad, he said: “In case of any crisis, overseas Pakistanis come upfront to help their country.” He said the existence of any society was dependent on stability and provision of justice system.

He stated that mineral water companies used to pay only one paisa tax per four liter water, but Supreme Court intervened into the matter and enhanced by tax to Rs 1.

‘I have even forgotten the number of suo motu notices I‘ve taken,” he stated while describing the actions ordered by the apex court to ensure provision of justice and basic rights to citizens.

The CJP underlined that he was had no interest in his personal publicity. “But the issues prompted me to take a step ahead to work for its resolution.”

Mr. Nisar, however, added that provision of fundamental rights to citizens was not authority of the Supreme Court, but it certainly is the responsibility of the apex court.

He also shed light on looming water crisis in the country. Regarding dispute over a contentious dam, the CJP said a day would come soon when all four brothers [four provinces] come on the same page for construction of Kalabagh dam.


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