Friday, January 27, 2023

Imran Khan took the lead to save innocent lives, says U.S. broadcaster


DALLAS: A broadcast journalist and radio presenter Glenn Beck said Monday he shall discuss in his next show how he received a positive and swift response from Prime Minister Imran Khan over his calls for help with what was happening in Afghanistan, ARY News reported.

“We reached out and asked numerous leaders in political and civil society around the world for help,” said Beck, however, he noted that the “silence was shocking as was the outpouring help on a humanitarian basis”.

Glenn Beck said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan responded with determination and without hesitation.”

His leadership of “placing humanity before politics is a great example of inter-faith cooperation between the faiths, bridged by the shared value of human compassion”, the US broadcaster said.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tireless leadership, supported by the military and civilian resources of Pakistan and their ability to cooperate with the Taliban, has enabled the first 2 flights to depart Mazar Sharif with FIFA female athletes and their families on board, in keeping with their unequivocal pledge to allow civilian allies of NATO forces to depart safely if they wished to.”

The journalist said Pakistan once again proved to be a valued partner in all seasons for the United States “despite recent criticisms from some sections of US media”.

We will not forget this support that has enabled America and its allies to make good on their promises to those that helped them without pause or reflection.


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