Monday, August 8, 2022

India: School principal hangs student upside from building


A school principal in India was taken into custody after a picture of him hanging a student upside-down from the first floor of its building as punishment went viral, according to a report by an Indian news agency.

The image sees the man in the Uttar Pradesh state named Manoj Vishwakarma hanging the class two student Sonu Yadav by his legs in front of his schoolmates.

The report mentioned that the principal got angry with the student’s behaviour while eating and wanted to teach him a lesson. He pulled him after the student started screaming and asking for his forgiveness.

The netizens were appalled by his behaviour and asked for his suspension.

He was later arrested under the Juvenile Justice Act, according to police.

The student’s father, speaking with a news agency, said that his principal put his son’s life in danger with his disturbing behaviour.

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“My son had only gone to eat gol gappa with the other kids and they were being a little naughty,” he was quoted saying in the report. “For this, the principal meted out such a punishment which could have endangered my son’s life.”

However, Vishwakarma blamed the father responsible for his behaviour.

“Sonu is very mischievous… he bites children, he also bites teachers. His father asked us to correct him. So, we tried to scare him. He was hung upside down from the upper floor for fear,” he said.


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