Sunday, October 2, 2022

India sees another birth of two-headed calf


India saw another birth of a two-headed calf this time in Pura Sikrauda village of Dholpur district in Rajasthan state.

The black-coloured animal has two mouths, four eyes and ears each along with two necks.

The locals from the Rajasthan state are thronging to see the animal, which has gained prominence in the village.

Gudde Singh, a veterinarian, said it happened without any help, adding that the calf is under the care of and doing well. The animal is being considered special by the locals.

A similar case happened in Uttar Pradesh where the same kind of calf was born in Chandauli district. The animal’s birth was being called a miracle by the local villagers.

Chaundauli’s Chief Veterinary Officer, giving a biological explanation,  said that the foetus grows in the womb before the cells divide into numerous parts. He added that the two heads form because of the growth of additional cells.

A two-headed cobra was discovered in Uttarkhand’s Dehradun district. It was recovered from an industrial unit.


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