Monday, March 20, 2023

Indian army exposed over fake encounters in occupied Kashmir


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani intelligence agencies have exposed the involvement of the Indian army and its spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in fake encounters and smuggling activities.

Lies, fake encounters and extrajudicial killings have become the hallmark of the Indian Army, which along with the RAW is now involved in drug trafficking.

The reports of the Indian and the international media said that on the one hand, the Indian soldiers are busy committing suicide because of the situation, and on the other hand is also involved in the race to make show their performance before the Modi government by showing fake encounters in the occupied Kashmir.

The intelligence agencies of Pakistan foiled the plan of the Indian agencies, and according to the plan, forced Kashmiris are lured into smuggling by giving them money and later the Indian army kills the ‘smuggler’ in a fake operation.

Later, Pakistan is accused of infiltration and terrorism by giving color to the operation.

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The reports stated that initially, small consignments of arms and drugs are smuggled secretly from the Kashmir police and in case of success, the drama of smuggling large consignments of arms and narcotics is planned.

In this context, a letter from CID Kashmir to the Jammu and Kashmir Police chief has come to light, in which the Kashmir police chief of the plan and directed him to ignore it.

The posts of Haji Pir sector of 3 Rajput, Uri sector of 12 Jat and Lt Col Akshant in Kupwara district are mentioned in the letter for fake operations.

The official attributed the failure of an alleged operation, a fake operation between SP Bara Mullah and 12 Jat Regiment, to the unwillingness of the commanding officer.

The post added that the second-in-command agrees in case the commanding officer goes on leave.

India has already tried these tactics to suppress the Azadi Kashmir movement, to defame Pakistan, while a fake surgical strike was staged to ensure BJP’s victory in the elections.


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