Sunday, August 7, 2022

Indian groom’s head partially shaved after he demands dowry


In a bizarre form of punishment, the head of a groom in Lucknow, India was partially shaved after he refused to get married if his demands for dowry weren’t fulfilled.

According to report, the groom refused to marry after his demands to get a motorcycle and gold chain as dowry were refused by the girl’s family. It is reported that the family, who was raged at the groom’s rebuff at the eleventh hour, abducted him and tonsured part of his hair.

Indian groom head partially shaved

The bride’s grandmother told media that the demands for dowry were made by the groom’s family five days before the wedding.

“They made these demands 5 days before the wedding. He refused to marry after we said we can’t fulfil them.” The bride’s mother however expressed ignorance as who shaved the head of the man.

Indian groom head partially shaved

The picture of the groom is now going viral on the social media with some believe that the groom ‘deserved’ this for demanding dowry, others wondered whether the man had learned a lesson or not.


This guy has a different take on the issue!



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