Thursday, June 30, 2022

WATCH: Indian groom shamelessly demands dowry


PATNA: A video of an Indian groom openly asking for dowry right before the wedding has gone viral, drawing wide online protests.

The man justifies his demands of dowry on camera and threatened to call off the wedding if his demands were not fulfilled by the bride’s parents. The incident took place at Chappalpur village located in north Bihar, India.

Indian groom sitting with the bride during the garland-exchange ceremony is heard saying that his father-in-law has not fulfilled his promise of providing him with hefty cash and gold jewellery as dowry.

The groom, who is reportedly the son of a government teacher, threatened the bride’s family saying “Rs100,000 in cash, a gold chain and a gold ring are still due. I want all these things right now if the wedding has to be solemnized. I will go back with the wedding procession if my dowry demands are not met.”

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Upon being reminded that dowry seeking is a punishable offence the groom said that “You people came to know about this since I was not paid and there was a commotion. If I was paid as promised, none would have come to know about this,” the groom says.

He added that they had decided dowry terms with the bride’s family before the wedding, but on reaching for the wedding, they made different excuses.

He also went on to say that if the bride’s family was not able to fulfill our demands then they should have tried to get their girl married to someone of their stature, “Why to aim for people with a government job as a groom?” he mocked.


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