Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Industrialists demand to prioritise gas supply to export-oriented sector


KARACHI: The industrialists have demanded the government to prioritise gas supply to the export-oriented sector, ARY News reported on Friday.

The Karachi chamber has demanded the higher authorities to prioritise the zero-rated export sector in the gas load management policy. After the gas supply to the export-oriented sector, common industries, commercial and domestic consumers should be put on the second priority.

The industrialists said that the export-oriented sector is given special attention to increasing its economic activities around the world. They added that a state could not achieve its development goals until it gives importance to the industrial sector.

The Karachi chamber said that the gas connections of domestic and rural consumers should be shifted to LPG and biogas. They complained that industries were facing the worst crisis these days.

They said that the gas consumption of domestic and industrial consumers have almost levelled. They demanded the authorities take strict steps against the gas theft.

They also demanded to introduce the policy to shift geysers on solar and electricity.


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