Friday, September 24, 2021

Influential person, son torture elderly rickshaw driver in Karachi


KARACHI: An influential person has tortured a rickshaw driver in Karachi’s Punjab Colony and motivated his son to slap the elderly man, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The video of the sorrowful incident has surfaced in which an elderly man was being consistently slapped in the face and being filmed by a man and then a young boy started slapping him multiple times in a humiliating way.

The influential person named Raja targeted the rickshaw driver after he scolded his son. He then brought the rickshaw driver to his residence and he and his son started torturing him. Sources said that the man was Kaleem Shah who was appearing in the video while torturing the rickshaw driver.

SSP South Zubair Nazeer Shaikh sought details of the incident and sent two teams to arrest the responsible person. Later, the officials of Frere Town police station arrested the accused and registered a case under the sections of abduction and murder threat.

Ahmed said that the young boy had returned to his home after he scolded him. After a few moments, Kaleem Shah came to him and forcedly taken him to his residence after showing a weapon.

Aqeel Ahmed said that he was humiliated by Kaleem Shah after forcing him to sit at the stairs. The accused kept filming him while being helplessly tortured by his sons, he added.

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