Thursday, March 23, 2023

Interior minister inaugurates Nadra’s one-window operation center in Narowal


NAROWAL: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Sunday inaugurated National Database National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra)’s one-window operation to cater to the population of 1.7 million in Narowal.

“Pakistan’s database registration system has a good repute all over the world and database registration system has helped tighten the noose around terrorists,” he said addressing the opening ceremony of the Nadra center.

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New facility aims to reduce long queues and waiting times for public. The data capture and entry will all be conducted at one counter to ease public facilitation and expedite processing times.

Ahsan Iqbal said that peace had been restored in Karachi because of the solid measures of the government.

He called for concerted efforts to foil the conspiracies of the enemies against the state.

It is apropos to mention that 18 well-trained and efficient staff has been deputed to provide customer care the Narowal Nadra center.

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The Narowal centre has 10 counters of which two are dedicated especially for female citizens and one for senior citizens. The centre has capacity to seat 80 people and process up to 350 tokens per day. It is air conditioned and has both drinking and washroom facilities.

Nadra aims to scale up the number of one-window offices and transform the existing offices into one-window facilities nationwide.


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