Friday, August 12, 2022

Viral video: Phone survives after falling 12,000 feet from skydiver’s pocket


A video went viral online which showed an iPhone flew out of the pocket of a skydiver named Kody Madro who jumped from around 12,000 feet.

The video was filmed by his friend who saw an object flying away from Kody Madro’s pocket.

His friend was not aware of what had really flown out of Madro’s pocket and feared that a vital part of his rig had failed.

He told Dailymail UK, “I usually don’t take my cell phone and if I do it’s never been an issue in my pocket except those pants had ripped earlier in the day.”



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“So when my cell phone flew out, my buddy actually thought a piece of my skydive rig flew off. His face was priceless as I was looking back at him, I didn’t realize my phone was gone until I landed.”

iphone skydiver pocket survives falling 12,000 feet

After landing, the skydiver realised that his phone was missing from his pocket. The iPhone was later located in the desert which was smashed pretty badly but still working.


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