Monday, October 3, 2022

Islamabad power shows: PTI, JUI-F issued NOCs on strict conditions


ISLAMABAD: The local administration has issued NOCs to ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the opposition party, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) for holding power shows on different venues in the federal capital on March 25 and 27, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The ruling party has been granted permission to hold its power show in Islamabad’s Parade Ground, whereas, JUI-F was permitted to organise its public gathering at the H-9 plot on strict conditions.

According to the conditions set by the local administration, political parties organising power shows in Islamabad shall not disturb or disrupt the fundamental rights of citizens and adjoining areas.

Islamabad power show, PTI, JUI-F, conditions, public gatherings
Map of PTI public gathering venue.

The participants of the public gatherings will not be allowed to block any road including the arterial roads Srinagar Highway, Islamabad Highway/Expressway and Murree Road.

No object of lethal or non-lethal force including batons of any size would be wielded by any participant of the rally.

It read, “The permission is for public rally and permission for of sit-in is not granted. Organizers are bound to ensure that the participants do not spend the night or subsequent nights there and are dispersed peacefully.”

Islamabad power show, PTI, JUI-F, conditions, public gatherings
Map of JUI-F public gathering venue.

It is reiterated that Section 144 is imposed on the gathering of persons in the 01-kilometre radius of Red Zone and you will ensure that no participant enters there.

The administration directed that the organisers will be responsible for the internal security arrangements, whereas, the list of the participants shall be shared with the local police in advance, whereas, no damage shall be caused to the public or private property. The political parties have been warned of strict action against the organisers in case of any such damage.

A list of people to be allowed on stage shall be provided to ICT Administration at least 12 hours in advance.

Anti state, anti-religious, or anti ideology of Pakistan slogans or speeches will be banned, whereas, the effigy/flag of any political or religious party shall not be burnt. Moreover, weapons, firearms of any kind shall not be taken at, near the venue of the power shows.

Islamabad power show, PTI, JUI-F, conditions, public gatherings
Map of Red Zone

CCTV cameras shall be installed at the venue by the organizers and the location of the cameras and the control room shall be intimated to the ICT Administration.

The main stage of the Jalsa and the venue shall be technically swept by the Bomb Disposal Squad and ICT Police.

The organizers shall ensure peaceful dispersal of the crowd at the end of public gatherings.

In case of violation of any of the above terms and conditions, the organizers shall be liable to face legal proceedings and NOC shall automatically stand cancelled.


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