Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Jinnah Hospital doctor dies of dengue fever


KARACHI: A doctor at Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital, after contracting dengue virus died in hospital, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Dr Mahmood-ul-Hassan, was the associate professor of Medicine Ward 5 at the hospital.

According to medical reports he was suffering from dengue shock syndrome, doctors said.

Total number of deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever this year has reached to 26 according to the Sindh Health Department.

In last 24 hours 27 more cases of dengue virus reported in Sindh.

This year, 6,146 people in the province have been infected from the mosquito borne dengue virus, health department stated.

This month 210 people have so far infected with the viral disease.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that is common in warm, tropical climates and often peaks during rainy seasons, states the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Once bitten by a dengue-infected mosquito, the virus takes four-10 days to affect the body. Its symptoms can be mild, similar to the common flu, or severe such as fever, headaches, pain behind the eyes and nausea.


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