Sunday, June 26, 2022

Karachi-bound flight diverted to Nawabshah owing to bad weather


KARACHI: A private airline’s flight was diverted to Nawabshah airport owing to bad weather in Karachi, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The private airline’s flight, PA-405, was coming to Karachi from Lahore with 405 passengers including women and children on board. Due to bad weather in Karachi, the flight landed at Nawabshah airport.

The passengers were not allowed to disembark and the airline’s staffers excused from shifting the travellers to the airport’s lounge. The plane’s cooling was reportedly decreasing as the plane was parked on the runway for more than two hours.

After spending three hours at the runway, the travellers were allowed to move to the airport’s lounge.

According to the airport officials, the flight was scheduled to land at Karachi airport at 7:50 pm, whereas, the departure was delayed due to a dispute between the Airblue administration and the jet fuel company.

The flight will take off again for Karachi from Nawabshah after refuelling process.


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