Monday, August 8, 2022

Karachi students find smart ways for cheating in exams


KARACHI: Karachi students began to get into the swing of cheating through smartphones, they have found another smart way for cheating in examinations, ARY News reported.

For the first time a student was found cheating in Intermediate Exams through smartwatch on Tuesday.

A three-member vigilance team raided Government Degree Mehran College in Karachi and found a student cheating with the help of a smartwatch.

A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch which can perform several basic tasks such as calculations and game-playing and run several mobile applications.

A member of vigilance team, Abdul Ghaffar said when he entered a classroom where students were taking exams, he saw a student repeatedly looking at his wristwatch as if watching time.

“I approached near him and asked him if he had any issue. He said he was just checking time. I walked away and watched him from some distance, he was still busy with his watch. Then, I confiscated his watch,” he said.

The team also confiscated some smartphone sets from the college.

Cheating has become a normal thing in Sindh and as per media reports it is rampant these days in examination halls.


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