Karachi water crisis: diagnosis, mafia & victims

How Karachi water crisis hits masses? Lethal effects victims, poor-income class people, incur? How women, young girls suffer? How Amber Alibhai, a civil society member heading Shehri Org; Dean faculty of architecture Prof Dr Noman Ahmed; and Geologist from Hisaar Foundation, Simi Kamal see this crisis? What do they recommend?

Getting distribution system in order would result in better management of whatever water we have left, Dr Noman says.
Equitable water distribution would mean fairness; people will be careful not to waste water, Amber says.
Bringing women into policymaking will help, Simi says.

Karachi gets about only half the water it requires. Out of that, one-third either gets stolen, thanks to alleged but notorious hydrant and/or tanker mafia, or is wasted owing to dilapidated and dated pipelines that have not been repaired/replaced.

They say: bring together all the stakeholders to make well coordinated policies; and install and strengthen an actual local government system to help people get their grievances heard, addressed and resolved.

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